Thursday, June 07, 2007

One more time...

Last night I saw Knocked Up for the second time. It's still awesome, and I'm already getting pumped for the DVD, (which probably won't come out for a very long time...). Judd Apatow films lots of versions of each scene, so I'm sure a lot of of this will end up in DVD extras. Even if you watch the trailer, you'll notice different versions of scenes that aren't even in the movie.

To continue yesterdays list, here are a few more resons why celebrities are nothing like us:

• Biologically speaking, celebrities technically fall under the category of marsupials. This is because celebrity babies are born premature and continue developing outside the womb, (often in a furry pouch). Dakota Fanning has mentioned this a few times in interviews.

• Celebrities consist on a diet rich in gasoline. Their bodies burn the fuel and convert it into fame.

• Famous people see colors differently than the rest of us. Red looks sort of greenish, gold looks violet, and blue has sort of a pinkish hue. So an Academy Award actually looks purple to them!

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