Sunday, March 11, 2007

Croonchy Stars: The Return?

In the late 1980s, Jim Henson and Post teamed up to create a new cereal inspired by the Swedish Chef. To jog your memory:

So they came up with this cereal called Croonchy Stars, which were basically these little cinammony, slightly-sweetened, stars. The cereal itself was great and I remember the box being especially awesome with lots of games and jokes. But within a year or so the cereal was gone from the shelves, never to be eaten again... or was it?

Recently I came upon this Dora the Explorer Cereal in the supermarket and noted the similarities in size and shape. Both cereals had small yellowish stars, (although the Dora cereal has a hole through the center of the star). So I bought a box, and sure enough, it was also slightly-sweetened with a cinnamon flavor. Generals Mills makes this cereal though, so it doesn't seem possible that it's the same recipe, but it is definitely very similar.

Any one else want to conduct a taste-test of their own?


Johnny said...

Sure, mate. I noticed the same thing which was why I did a google search and stumbled upon your blog. =) I used to love the Croonchy stars cereal. They do taste very similar, but I agree they must have a different recipe.

Bobby said...

I know im really late on this but i just discovered a cereal called mini cinnamon churros that gave me such a nostalgic feeling. i couldnt figure out what the cereal was until i did some extensive googling and found that croonchy stars was the cereal it tasted like.

Boaz said...

Awesome! Thanks for the update. I'll have to look around for those!