Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Celebrity Elevator

I left out some details from my account of the We Are Marshall junket from a few days back, because frankly, they were exciting enough to be the basis of their own post. When I got to the Waldorf Astoria, where they were holding the junket, I wasn't exactly sure which floor I was headed for, so I headed for one of the elevator banks. I figured I'd just hop on the first one that came, and then figure it out from there. I heard a ding, approached an elevator, and as soon as the doors opened I walked inside... and suddenly I was mere inches from Clint Eastwood. He was in there with an elderly gentleman and younger woman. He looked great for being pretty old. "Is this it?" he asked. "No," the woman said, "we're getting off at G." He looked to his gentleman friend. "Gee," Clint joked. "Golly," I said, and then Clint laughed. And then the elevator opened on G, and Clint and his posse were gone. I eventually figured out my way to the junket, but a few hours later I was at the elevator bank again, waiting for one to take me back to the lobby. I waited for a few minutes, but finally it arrived. The doors opened and John McCain came out with a few other people, and then I went in. Two celebrity elevator encounters in one day! Which got me thinking about other encounters I've had. Here are the ones I can remember:

Drew Barrymore: She was hosting SNL that week, and I was an intern at NBC. I knew she was around the building, so I would always take the long way to get anywhere and walk by Studio 8H, (where they film SNL). Finally, my timing was right one day and we shared an elevator down to the lobby. She asked how to get to J. Crew, and I gave her detailed instructions.

Robin Williams: He was talking to some woman about a fancy Bar Mitzvah she had been to that weekend where they handed out hats and accesories with the kid's name on it. I then commented, "At my Bar Mitzvah we had a nice lox platter." Robin Williams chuckled a little.

Naveen Andrews: I recognized him immediately, but it was only five minutes after the elevator ride that I figured out who he actually was.

Horatio Sanz: This also happened when I was an intern at NBC. I told him that I had liked his Billy Joel impression from the previous week's show, and he said thanks. I hadn't really like it that much, but it was the first thing I could think to say.

Anyone out there have celebrity elevator stories? Please share...

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