Monday, December 11, 2006

A Random Smattering of Things...but mostly FNL

Just got back from LA after writing for the Spike VGAs, i might watch it, then blog about it...Causing the meta-community to get up applaud then implode. Did not have as much time as i would like to watch as much as i would like to talk as much as i would like. Buuuuut....
Did do a 60 minute cringe as i watched Studio 60, I watch this show purely so I have something to kavetch about with my friends.
Heroes mid season finale(is that what they are going to be called?) was pretty good, tis a shame that the short haired girl got killed but it was totes obvs from the get-go. Don't ever think you have a bad guy with limitless powers outwitted!

Now onto the show that I absolutely love to talk about Friday Night Lights (or FNL as the peeps are calling it, peeps meaning me and the one other person I know who likes this show). This show has everything I need/want in life no less a prime time weeknight show. Football, high school kids with drinking problems, drug problems, girl problems...hey i have had all those problems!
some choice quotes from Coach Taylor this week
-is that a members only jacket?
-wanna beer? -i was only kidding your in 10th grade

the acting and cinematography on this show alone kick enough ass for me (had to say that to justify spending 100K on a degree in film/tv)...but the main reason I tune in week after week is for a certain player...Riggins!
ok so maybe he has made some poor decisions, like an addiction to cheap beer at the age of 17 or maybe it was boning his best friends girlfriend? Everyone is aware that Riggins' best friend is Jason Street a PARALYZED quarterback...Why gabrus? why do you like this character? You know why...because he gives it his all every time he steps on the field. He was only in this past episode for a total of 2 minutes and it was the best 2 minutes of television. He threw a block that scored the winning touchdown...Not scored it himself, but blocked for someone else...Riggins is the kind of guy that makes me want to go out and buy a jersey for a fictional team with his fictional name on it.
Forget Smashball (juice-ball) and GET RIGGY WITH IT!

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