Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Miss Potter and We Really Are Marshall

So, first of all- we got the thumbs up from Warner Bros and I'll be going to the We Are Marshall press day this weekend. Hopefully that will be fun, and I'll get some good interviews. I've heard some mixed things about Matthew McConaughey, so I'll let you know what the real deal is. Anyone out there have any questions they want to ask? Let me know, and I'll try to use them.

Also, just saw Miss Potter, which is a spin-off of the Harry Potter films... Okay, it's not really. It's actually a biopic about Beatrix Potter, the British woman who wrote the Peter Rabbit books. Renée Zellweger plays Beatrix and Ewan McGregor plays her publisher. It was pleasant to watch, and seemed to be pretty faithful to her story. Beatrix was a little wonky- according to this film she talked to her drawings and they were sort of her only friends... Renee gave a good performance, (I think her accent seemed ok, but I'm always a bad judge), although I can't help but think why in a British film like this, they wouldn't cast a British actress. Not that she was bad, and I guess that's what acting is about, but it's not like there's a lack of British actresses or anything... Especially when you cast someone like her, I can't help but try to listen for her southern accent. Anyway, I'll be at the premiere for Miss Potter this weekend, so hopefully I'll get to talk to Renee and Ewan, (although we often have bad luck at premieres). If anyone knows them, ask them not to ignore Clips & Quips...

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