Monday, November 20, 2006

New Episode Coming Very Very Soon and The Secret Life of Movie Premieres

This week's episode will be up very very soon. The full Tenacious D interview will be up there along with an interview with Joey Lauren Adams, (who just directed her first movie). We're currently overcoming some technical difficulties, but stay tuned for the new episode very soon.

It looks like we'll be covering quite a few red carpets in the coming months, which can either be very fun or very disheartening. At some movie premieres, it seems like everybody ignores us. Or if they do come talk to us, they only let us ask half a question... At last year's premiere of "The Producers," we were ignored by both Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick and then also by Will Ferrell, (who's ignored us before at premieres), and Uma Thurman. The only people who did talk to us were Michael McKean, (who has one line in the movie, Roger Bart, (who wouldn't play the kazoo), and Gary Beach, (who was nice). We didn't feel very loved that night. Then at the premiere for "The Family Stone," we got in trouble for playing the kazoo which then might have had something to do with most of the cast ignoring us in the press line. Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and some other people I can't remember totally bypassed us. Although the deaf guy in the film did teach us to say "Clips and Quips" in sign language. We don't always get the cold shoulder though... just most of the time. At Jarhead, Peter Saarsgard played some awesome kazoo with us, Ben Stiller and Chris Rock were all over our high fiving at the Madagascar premiere, and Julianne Moore is always nice, (and has complimented my name on two separate occasions). Hopefully this year's bunch of holiday films will welcome us with a warm embrace and a brief interview.

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