Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday Nights vs DVR

Hey C&Qers,

My name is Jonathan Gabrus (you can call me gabrus). I will be writing on this blog as Boaz had said, reviewing the important stuff. Movies, TV, books, magazines, art exhibits (though because of my sheer laziness it will be mostly TV shows, also I'm not nearly douche-y enough to review art exhibits).

So let's get down to the brass tacks. Last night was Thursday, and if you are anything like me, Thursdays are tough. Too much stuff that I want to watch, my DVR cannot handle it. Luckily I recently switched from Tivo to Time Warner DVR and can now record two shows at once, which isn't saying much. Here is my thursday night pull list. By the way a pull list is a comic book nerd term which refers to which comics you buy each week. I know, I am sorry.

Grey's Anatomy- I pretended i didn't like this show for as long as i could, just to not admit defeat to my girlfriend (who is now also my roommate). Alas, now I find myself saying stuff like 'I really like Alex this season' or 'I wish George could just be honest with Dr. Torres' or 'Why Why Why did Denny have to die, I can't go on!'

The NBC comedy line-up, Scrubs/Office/30 Rock/My Name is Earl- I shouldn't have to explain this, but for a sinking ship I think NBC has 4 of the best comedies on network television. 30 Rock being the rebellious youngster in this crowd, and full of every comedy nerds faves (Judah, Jack McBrayer, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Rachel Dratch, Scott Adsit, Tracy Morgan, and a host of UCB peeps)

Now for the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures the OC- Ok i say guilty pleasures, but I came out of the OCloset as a fan of this show last season, and I stuck with it through thick and thin. Despite the worst plotlines (Surf rebel/kidnap/love/fight/death triangle) worst acting (can anyone say mini-coop, Kaitlin Cooper, all of her lines are delivered like she has a mouthful of mac n cheese) worst season openers (ryan working/living at a bar/fight club). Yet i continue to tune in week after week, for two reasons and two reasons only 1. I want to BE Seth Cohen 2. I want to BE WITH Julie Cooper.

I was overwhelmed with TV last night, that i can't even choose a specific show to review for you, but more to come soon...I promise. I just wanted to let you into the hectic world that is Gabrus' TV schedule


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