Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nov. 27th Episode

Hugh Jackman might possibly me the most charming guy ever. Sometimes you go into an interview, and within seconds the person you're interviewing has convinced you, (primarily with their incredible eye contact), that you're best friends. Hugh is truly on a level with maybe two other people, (George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan are the two I can think of now). This interview was in LA, so we bonded about living in NY. With a cross-country junket like this one, the studio, (in this case Warner Bros), pays for your flight and puts you up. Not only did I have my own room at the Four Seasons, but because I arrived late and was only staying one night I got upgraded to an executive suite. The suite had two bathrooms, two televisions, four phones, and a separate living room. It was sooo nice, although it was sort of lonely and I had a hard time falling asleep. Does anybody want to have a sleepover next time?

Check it out:

Any questions? Comment? Shoot me an email or just comment on this blog.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nov. 20th Episode

So here it is... The full Tenacious D interview with Jack Black and Kyle Gass. They were really chill, and very enthusiastic about playing kazoo. Jack's personal assistant was there too, filming the whole thing on a DV camcorder. I asked what they were doing and Kyle said they were making a rockumentary. After the interview, they kept on kazooing for the rockumentary camera. So hopefully our kazoos will be includede wherever this rockumentary shows up. I just used the work rockumentary three times in three consecutive sentences. Now, four times. Rockumentary, rockumentary, rockumentary, rockumentary! I wonder if that's a record?

Also on this episode is an interview with Joey Lauren Adams. I really really liked this interview. I try to keep things conversational, and sometimes that can make things seem a little stilted, but other times it can work out very nicely. This is one of those latter cases.

So without further adieu, here's the episode:

Also, stay tuned for the Hugh Jackman interview next week. It's a good one. For now I'll just tell you that during the conversation he asks me to imagine the two of us in a bath together... You know you're excited now. And as always, write with any questions/comments/whatever to boaz@clipsquips.com

Are you ready for some....Letdown!

So my usual monday night viewing schedule of Heroes (for my aforementioned comic book geekdom) and Studio 60 (for my not aforementioned masochism) had to be DVR'd to watch another time, because i had bigger fish to fry...
THE BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW. Remember that nickname, it was a bit more fitting in the late 80s and early 90s, before the Giants became the THE BIG BLUE BALLS. I liked it better when the Gints consistently sucked, and didn't keep getting me all excited like we might actually do something and then let me down. Kind of like that girl you date, that doesn't fully understand the damage that denim could do to a young virile 15 year-old boy.
Enough of this disgusting reminiscing. Let's just say one thing...throw the ball to Shockey for crying out loud (do i smell a man-crush? yes. and it smells like the long flowing mane of the blonde adonis Jeremy).

Be on the lookout for my Hiro-worship and Albie-bashing due out as soon as i can get NBC.com to load.

peace and carrots

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Episode Coming Very Very Soon and The Secret Life of Movie Premieres

This week's episode will be up very very soon. The full Tenacious D interview will be up there along with an interview with Joey Lauren Adams, (who just directed her first movie). We're currently overcoming some technical difficulties, but stay tuned for the new episode very soon.

It looks like we'll be covering quite a few red carpets in the coming months, which can either be very fun or very disheartening. At some movie premieres, it seems like everybody ignores us. Or if they do come talk to us, they only let us ask half a question... At last year's premiere of "The Producers," we were ignored by both Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick and then also by Will Ferrell, (who's ignored us before at premieres), and Uma Thurman. The only people who did talk to us were Michael McKean, (who has one line in the movie, Roger Bart, (who wouldn't play the kazoo), and Gary Beach, (who was nice). We didn't feel very loved that night. Then at the premiere for "The Family Stone," we got in trouble for playing the kazoo which then might have had something to do with most of the cast ignoring us in the press line. Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and some other people I can't remember totally bypassed us. Although the deaf guy in the film did teach us to say "Clips and Quips" in sign language. We don't always get the cold shoulder though... just most of the time. At Jarhead, Peter Saarsgard played some awesome kazoo with us, Ben Stiller and Chris Rock were all over our high fiving at the Madagascar premiere, and Julianne Moore is always nice, (and has complimented my name on two separate occasions). Hopefully this year's bunch of holiday films will welcome us with a warm embrace and a brief interview.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday Nights vs DVR

Hey C&Qers,

My name is Jonathan Gabrus (you can call me gabrus). I will be writing on this blog as Boaz had said, reviewing the important stuff. Movies, TV, books, magazines, art exhibits (though because of my sheer laziness it will be mostly TV shows, also I'm not nearly douche-y enough to review art exhibits).

So let's get down to the brass tacks. Last night was Thursday, and if you are anything like me, Thursdays are tough. Too much stuff that I want to watch, my DVR cannot handle it. Luckily I recently switched from Tivo to Time Warner DVR and can now record two shows at once, which isn't saying much. Here is my thursday night pull list. By the way a pull list is a comic book nerd term which refers to which comics you buy each week. I know, I am sorry.

Grey's Anatomy- I pretended i didn't like this show for as long as i could, just to not admit defeat to my girlfriend (who is now also my roommate). Alas, now I find myself saying stuff like 'I really like Alex this season' or 'I wish George could just be honest with Dr. Torres' or 'Why Why Why did Denny have to die, I can't go on!'

The NBC comedy line-up, Scrubs/Office/30 Rock/My Name is Earl- I shouldn't have to explain this, but for a sinking ship I think NBC has 4 of the best comedies on network television. 30 Rock being the rebellious youngster in this crowd, and full of every comedy nerds faves (Judah, Jack McBrayer, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Rachel Dratch, Scott Adsit, Tracy Morgan, and a host of UCB peeps)

Now for the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures the OC- Ok i say guilty pleasures, but I came out of the OCloset as a fan of this show last season, and I stuck with it through thick and thin. Despite the worst plotlines (Surf rebel/kidnap/love/fight/death triangle) worst acting (can anyone say mini-coop, Kaitlin Cooper, all of her lines are delivered like she has a mouthful of mac n cheese) worst season openers (ryan working/living at a bar/fight club). Yet i continue to tune in week after week, for two reasons and two reasons only 1. I want to BE Seth Cohen 2. I want to BE WITH Julie Cooper.

I was overwhelmed with TV last night, that i can't even choose a specific show to review for you, but more to come soon...I promise. I just wanted to let you into the hectic world that is Gabrus' TV schedule


Tenacious D on Clips & Quips

It's not up on www.clipsquips.com yet, but I at least wanted to show you a clip of this... I interviewed Tenacious D, (AKA Jack Black and Kyle Gass), earlier this week and presented them with Clips & Quips kazoos. Here's what happened next:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blog for Oct. 23rd Episode

So this is another blog for an older episode. But please don't hold it against me:

You'd be surprised how complicated interviewing a puppet can be. Before I even met Prairie Dawn, the press people at Sesame Street had to run down a list of rules. As far as the Sesame Street Muppets know, they're just regular kids/monsters that happen to live on a street and play games and sing songs together. So no questions about being on television or about being on the air for over thirty years. It's somewhat limiting, although I still had a blast talking to Prairie Dawn. Fran Brill, who performs her, was the first female puppeteer on the show and is one of the only puppeteers left from the early seasons. Meeting Sonia Manzano, (aka Maria), was a very surreal experience.

Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson were very nice and Kate was quite stunning in person. They were super strict at this junket and gave each reporter a shocking four minutes to ask all their questions. Since both Kate and Patrick were both thorough answerers that left room for about one and a half questions. During junkets there's a person in the room who gives you time cues, and as the woman was telling me to wrap it up I tried to shove in one more question. She wouldn't have it, as she stood up and vocally broke up the interview. Kate and Patrick seemed a little surprised and they asked me to finish my thought so they could at least answer it for me. For a junket for a serious movie, I was able to incorporporate a surprising number of country puns before and after the interview and Patrick was pretty impressed. After the junket, I passed him in the hallway and as he walked by he pointed to me and said, "You are a funny man." You better belize it...

You can watch the episode here:

Blog for Oct. 16th Episode

So this blog is for an older episode, but later late than never?

I'm a big Harry Potter fan, so meeting Rupert Grint, (the man/boy behind Ron Weasely), was pretty exciting. He was very nice, pretty quiet, and always up for a laugh. He even brought his Dad to New York with him, and Mr. Grint was hanging around the hallways of the hotel where the junket was being held. I chatted with him for a few minutes, and told him he had a nice son. Before we parted, he gave me a hearty "cheerio." British people are fun...

I went all out for this Harry Potter bit on the web show, (that's a real Harry Potter tie), and I genuinely couldn't get that red marker off my forehead. After some serious scrubbing, it finally got to a point where it just looked like an odd discoloration rather than a lightening bolt...

You can watch the episode here:

The Beginning...

Greetings friends and welcome to the new Clips & Quips blog. We have a lot to say and a lot of opinions so prepare to get your minds blown. I'll be blogging about everything you ever wanted to know about the show, and about the often sad reality of producing a television show out of a Brooklyn apartment. And Gabrus will be blogging about all the really important stuff, (like tv and movies and stuff). Feel free to comment, send encouraging words, or leave little punctuation faces, and maybe I'll send you a kazoo.