Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wikipedia & Birds

So, I'm still wiki-less, in case anyone was wondering. But, whatever- it's not like I care or anything. On the bright side, a few birds have finally started coming to my feeder.

This morning I counted three dark eyed juncos. The feeders, (yes, plural- i have three of them), have been up since the first week in October, but it took over three and a half months for the first bird to show. Even the squirrels were ignoring my feeders. Suddenly, working from home is a lot less lonely.

On the C&Q horizon, it looks like we're finally getting an interview with The Shins, (not only a great band, but they live in Portland, OR too). That's scheduled for March when they come east for their tour, but I'm already looking forward to it.

Also, you may have forgotten, so I'll repeat it again- I, Boaz Frankel, still do not have a wikipedia entry. Anyway, I'm sure you all have busy days so I'll let you go...

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