Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Diggers: The Junket Report

This was one of the most efficient junkets I've ever been to. I barely had time to finish my fruit plate when I was whisked away to talk to Ken Marino and Paul Rudd. Ken and Paul remembered me from previous interviews, and we chatted a little about Judd Apatow and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Paul's heading to Hawaii for one day this week to film his part in the film. The camera guy gave me the cue to really start the interview, and I shifted to Diggers. Ken based the screenplay on his hometown and memories he had from when his own father was a clam digger. Paul had to get a serious clam-digging lesson, although he's still not a fan of the mollusks. He likened eating one to having a loogie(sp?) in his mouth. The interview should be up today or tomorrow.

Still no word on whether we'll be covering the Knocked Up junket, but I'll keep you posted...

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