Monday, April 23, 2007

Is the Judd-a-thon over?

Well, I think it happened... For about a week, I've been mentioning Judd Apatow in the blog everyday in hopes that he stumble upon it, and now I think he has. I got an email yesterday afternoon from Judd, and he he said that our little scheme here made him laugh. He's in Hawaii now, preparing to start production on Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Judd's producing the movie that was written by Jason Segel, (of Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared), and is being directed by Nicholas Stoller, (a former writer on Undeclared). It stars Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, and Jason Segel, (he writes and acts!).

To be honest, I'm still a little skeptical, but the email seemed pretty legit, so I guess Judd really did find us. I'll try to confirm with Paul Rudd at the junket today. And to think that our little blog has been graced by Judd Apatow's presence...

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