Sunday, April 22, 2007

Diggers: Pre-Junket Report

Tomorrow morning I'll be sitting down with Paul Rudd, Ken Marino, and Katherine Dieckmann to chat about their new film, Diggers. Marino wrote the script, and David Wain was initially supposed to direct, but then he got too busy with Stella on Comedy Central. So Dieckmann, (who's directed a lot of REM music videos), took over. Rudd's the star, playing Hunt, a clam-digger who's father just passed away. Marino's in it too, playing a loving/angry father/husband. I interviewed Paul Rudd and Ken Marino at Sundance in January, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. And this will be my fifth time interviewing Paul, so I'm hoping he invites me to dinner with Judd Apatow. Have any questions for Paul, Ken, or Katherine? Let me know...

And if you're wondering what's with the seemingly random Judd Apatow reference, then take a look at the past few days. For five days now, I've been mentioning Judd Apatow in the blog in hopes that he stumbles upon it while googling himself, (according to some interviews, Judd is an occasional self-googler). So Judd, if you're there feel free to shoot me an email at boaz(at)clipsquips(dot)com.

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