Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cameos, Cars, and Cavemen

So last night at 8PM, I sat down in front of the TV for the last Gilmore Girls episode ever. I was a fan in the earlier years, and last night was just another reminder of why I stopped watching. Everything happened sort of predictably and there were a few too many moments of forced nostalgia or wistfulness. When they were filming this one they weren't sure whether it would be a series or season finale, but they definitely covered their bases. And they threw in the most random cameo ever when Christiane Amanpour happens to be staying at Lorelai's in, and after a very brief and generic chat with Rory she decides to give her a business card and offer to help her, (even though Christiane prefaces it with, "I usually never do this, but..."). And now it's all over- Lorelai finally got together with Luke and Rory's on the campaign trail with Barack Obama.

Today in Park Slope they're filming Baby Mama, a movie starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. According to imdb:

A single professional woman (Fey) opts to hire a surrogate mother (Poehler) so she can have a baby and keep her career on track.

I didn't spot Tina or Amy, but I did see these trailers:

Maybe they're inside one of them?

It's an exciting week in TV as all the networks are announcing their fall lineups. ABC even put up a site where you can watch previews of all the upcoming shows. I'm surprised, (and slightly embarrassed), to say that the preview of Cavemen, (based on the popular Geico ads), is actually pretty funny. On the ABC website, they call the show a "thought-provoking social commentary on race relations in today's America." You can decide for yourself here.

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Anonymous said...

That was a pretty funny preview. Did you see Amy or Tina yet?