Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Public Radio Idol?

NPR is looking for new hosts, and apparently they're so desperate that they're even asking "normal people" to try out. Or something like that. The Corporation for Public Radio Broadcast decided it was time to find some fresh blood, so they gave grants to two organizations to produce three new radio pilots each. One of those grants is going to Launch, who's going to produce pilots with already established names in the world of entertainment or media or business. PRX got the other grant, and they're taking their quest to the masses. They launched the Public Radio Talent Quest, where, (in American Idol style), anyone can audition with a two minute recorded entry to prove their "hostiness." The ten winners, selected by judges and the voting public, will move on to further rounds and challenges. The three winners will get a few thousand dollars and their own show produced. So last night I finally got around to recording my entry. You can listen to it, (and give it an "excellent" rating), by clicking here. Do you like it? Hate it? Thoughts?

Here's Mo Rocca talking about the project:

In other news, here's a nice piece by Roger Ebert that sort of makes you love him...

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Tim said...

Great audition! Hope you get to round 2!