Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kids say the darndest things... when they have to start a new society

I'm a little obsessed with this new reality show that CBS announced yesterday. It's called Kid Nation, and it's basically a Lord-of-the-Flies-style show in which 40 kids are dropped off in a New Mexico ghost town to fend for themselves. Well, I guess they do get some supplies, but it's up to the kids, (ages 8-15), to cook, clean, and form a functioning society complete with government, businesses, and a justice system. Doesn't it sound exciting? I'm enthralled and terrified at the same time. And you can watch a very melodramatic preview here. My favorite quote from the preview is delivered by a do-rag wearing youngster at a dramatic town meeting: "What I'm really missing is my brother because he's in a wheelchair." And at every meeting someone wins a gold star, and I'm not talking about the "lick and stick" kind. Stay tuned for Kid Nation airing at 8PM Wednesdays on CBS in the Fall.

And then there's Lost. It was a dramatic episode, though it was mostly set-up for next week's season finale. There wasn't a lot of new information, but maybe I missed something. I'll have to check in with Jeff Jensen's recap when he posts it on They kept advertising a two-hour finale next week, but I wonder whether it's really a two hour episode, or whether it's an hour of recap and one hour of new stuff. They've played that trick before...

And look what's on sale at Key Food this week:

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