Monday, May 07, 2007

Ken's Ribs, Widgets, and More

This weekend I realized that we still never got an answer to the question that's been plaguing us for days. What happened to Ken Marino's broken rib? In the interview with Ken and Paul Rudd, (for the movie Diggers), they mentioned the accident and Ken said he'd tell us later. Well, it's later and we still don't know. Ken Marino- are you out there? Does anyone know? Maybe Judd Apatow knows? If anyone knows, please don't hesitate to email boaz(at)clipsquips(dot)com.

Also, in honor of new friend-of-the-blog, Judd Apatow, I put up a Knocked Up countdown on the side of the blog. As I post, Knocked Up will be premiering in 23 days, 15 hours, 44 minutes, and 31 seconds. After the movie comes out, we can start counting down to other exciting things like Boxing Day or my nephews' birthdays or the Portland Rose Festival or the next time Matt Lauer goes to Bhutan. Or maybe you have an idea?

Also, you probably noticed the the new clips displayed on the side of the blog, (I went a little widget-crazy this weekend). Simply click on one of the boxes and a clip will start playing in this very blog. Are you impressed yet?

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Anonymous said...

Cool widgets! And I can't wait for Knocked Up!