Thursday, May 03, 2007

Everyone was wrong...

So we were a little off yesterday with Where in the World is Matt Lauer. The clue talked about "hosting the world," which some viewers and I mistook for some Olympic or America's Cup reference. Turns out Matt was in Dubai this morning. "Hosting the world" was a reference to a series of man-made islands they're building in the shape of the world. Oh well... The United Arab Emirates looked pretty impressive though, and Matt seemed to be enjoying himself on the beach. Natalie Morales got to go skiing in a mall, and then they almost forgot to air a clip when they went to Matt and you could hear a producer yelling "Go to tape! Go to tape!" They've come a long way from Everett, WA, and there's only one day left.

The clue for day 5, (the last day), is:

To the West it is 10 degrees colder
To the East there is warmth in the air
To the North there's a spot at the table
To the South there's a formal affair

Ann Curry thought the "formal affair" might be a refernce to penguins. I'm not really sure what to think... Maybe somewhere in South America?

UPDATE: Okay, after doing some more research I think Matt's going to be in Cape Town, South Africa. The cold and warm refer to the differing temperatures of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. The "table" refers to Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town, and there are even some penguins on Robben Island off the southern coast of South Africa. I hope I'm right this time...

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