Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Matt & Bear

Well, I was right- sorta. Matt Lauer was in Asia this morning- in Bhutan to be exact. I wasn't exactly sure where Bhutan was until I pulled out my atlas. So here's a map to orient yourself:

The flight into Bhutan is so tricky due to the surrounding mountains that the pilots had to take a special course in London the day before to learn how to make the descent. They even brought a Bhutanese pilot aboard to advise the pilots on their course. And Matt got Al a yak hair hat! It looked pretty cool, although I wonder if he'll have any trouble getting that through customs. So where in the world is Matt Lauer headed next? Tomorrow's clue: Although we can't top the Himalayas, we will sail to new heights in a place that will soon host the world. The last part makes me think it has something to do with the Olympics, and the next cities hosting the games are Beijing, Vancouver BC, and London. Of those three, Vancouver's the only one on the ocean, so if sailing's involved... Although if he was just in the Pacific Northwest at the Boeing plant, would he really go back? Any thoughts?

Also, Man Vs. Wild was pretty awesome last night. The host, Bear Grylls, jumped right into the Pacific Ocean without a parachute! It was pretty impressive. Now I'm looking forward to a hopefully enlightening episode of Lost tonight.


Anonymous said...

The clue is "sailing". Think America's Cup. America's cup prelims are going on in Valencia Spain.

Anonymous said...

The Olympic sailing is in Qingdao not Beijing. A seaside city on the China Sea.

It would be just like the Today Show to start pushing the Olympics since they will probably be broadcasting from them.

btw: BC's winter Olympics is not too close to the water either

Boaz Frankel said...

Wow. Good call on both posts. I'm glad I have educated people checking this blog. I guess only time will tell. We'll find out in ten short hours...