Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The End is Near

A few more days to go before the Clips & Quips blog closes up shop... So in honor of the occasion, here's my top list for my favorite Clips & Quips moments-

• Covering the Sundance Film Festival for the first time in 2006. I saw over a dozen movies, interviewed dozens of filmmakers and actors, crashed a party, got lots of free drinks and snacks, got a free razor for biting into a fuzz-covered kiwi, and got hugged by Steve Carell, (which was then reported on incorrectly by New York Magazine). Click here for a clip of some of the action.

• Going behind the scenes of Family Guy, and hanging out with Mila Kunis for an hour (while doing dramatic readings of her fan mail). Click here for the clip.

• Wearing footsie pajamas to the premiere of Night at the Museum, and getting a lot of attention from Ricky Gervais because of the outfit. Click here for the clip.

• When Judd Apatow wrote into the Clips & Quips blog.

• Teaching Peter Sarsgaard, Sam Mendes, and others to play kazoo. Click here for the clip.

• Interviewing Ira Glass for a whole twenty minutes and then hanging out with him at a Showtime party at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Sharing puns with anyone who will listen.

• Getting stranded on Liberty Island during the doomed-from-the-start premiere of Fantastic Four, (complete with pouring rain, lightening, giant flying bugs, and panicked crowds).

• When after finishing up a fun interview with Sam Rockwell, he genuinely commented "That really made my day. Thanks." Yes, this sort of stuff has happened more than once, but for whatever reason this one is particularly clear in my head.

In non Clips & Quips news, here's an awesome band that does covers of TV theme songs. Maybe they want to do a cover of our song?

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