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Whitefish montana

Wide open spaces

Morning in minot

Welcome to north dakota

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Somewhere upstate

So long penn station...

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Cleaning up...

Odds and ends I found as I was cleaning up the Clips & Quips offices.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Farewell Clips & Quips...

It's odd and strange and a little sad and a little exciting that Clips & Quips is coming to an end. I had a lot of fun with the show; met a lot of interesting people and got access to a lot of places and opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to experience. And when I say interesting people, I don't necessarily mean the "celebrities" I've interviewed, (in fact, some of them were pretty boring). From the always accommodating publicists at International House of Press and Falco, to the contact people at JetBlue, Ramada, and Thrifty, (who made our Sundance trip possible), to our pals at Furilla, Pass the Pigs, and Kazoobie Kazoos, (who made sure we always had plenty of fun toys to give people). Clips & Quips was only a success thanks to these and other people who believed in our show and helped us out in many ways.

Clips & Quips started as an answer to the frustration that Evan and I had over the lack of student programming on college tv stations across the country. We had worked together on On the Cusp, a weekly late-night talk show that aired on NYU TV for three seasons, and during that time created a show that not only occasionally entertained, but also started a dialogue between NYU students and created a little community of viewers on the often isolated NYU "campus." We wanted to take what we learned from that experience and go national with a show that incorporated student ideas and content, provided entertaining segments, and brought college students across the country together... or something like that. The show launched in January 2005 at a dozen or so schools with an episode chock-full of student filmmakers and musicians and interviews with Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, Tara Reid, and others. By the beginning of the second season the next fall, we were airing at over forty schools and scoring awesome interviews with the likes of George Clooney, Keira Knightely, Pierce Brosnan, and others. People were really starting to hear about us and we were developing a serious web presence with upwards of 100,000 hits per month. We covered the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT, and interviewed a slew of fascinating filmmakers, writers, and actors. It seemed like good things were happening, but we still had a big problem- we weren't making a profit. I like to think of myself as a creative person, but I'm the first to admit that I'm not quite as effective when it comes to making things profitable. I sent out tons of proposals and made many phone calls, but I couldn't find someone to provide the show with a budget. Working on the show was so much fun though, that I figured as long as we kept on creating a fun product that money would follow.

As we started the third season, we toned down the affiliate front, (because self-distributing a national show was taking a lot of time and getting expensive), and concentrated on the weekly web show. I contacted many new potential sponsors, and although there were some promising leads, in the end nothing solidified. It soon became clear that unless some funds suddenly appeared this would be the last season of the show. We wanted to go out with a bang though, and we covered some more LA junkets, (thanks to Evan's persistence), and covered another action-packed Sundance Film Festival. We even had some reunions when I interviewed Rainn Wilson and Ryan Gosling for the second time and Paul Rudd for the third and fourth time.

Clips & Quips changed quite a bit from the initial idea that Evan and I came up with, but I think we stayed true to the spirit of our mission. And what is that spirit exactly? I'm not exactly sure. But I always tried to treat my interviews as conversations, and interact with the interviewees as I would with any other person. I think if you watch the interviews we get at junkets versus what the "other shows" get, you'll find that our interviews are more honest, less "canned," more casual, sometimes more awkward, but always more genuine. I never really knew if viewers noticed this, but thanks to youtube comments and emails it's clear that people do notice the difference. Sometimes they don't like it, like jlisashaw on youtube who commented:
"you have no control of the subject or the interview," but then there are others like ummxduhh, who commented on a Rupert Grint interview: "Rupert seems so much more comfortable in this then he does in other interviews." And Chopin65 posted: "Its amazing how stars come off as just regular folk when you talk to them in the way you do." Then a few hours ago, I got another email from Deniz, a viewer in Germany, who wrote, "This kind of interview is really needed and unique. Keep doing it like that!" So at least some people get it- right?

But I think the end of Clips & Quips comes at exactly the right time. If I had to attend another NY press junket, I think I might throw-up in the impeccably clean Regency Hotel bathroom. Yes, junkets are a great way to gain access to actors whom I otherwise would not have the opportunity to interview, but they're also a great way to make you feel like cattle. You're stuck in a room, (where there's often not even enough room for everyone to sit), waiting at least an hour for a four minute slot, (five minutes if you're really lucky), with a person who often feels as trapped as you do. It's the worst possible situation for an interview, yet that's where most of them are happening. I don't know if I have a solution or any helpful suggestion to fix the junket situation, but I'm just glad I'm getting out before they cut the interview time down to three minutes.

It's weird to think that I've interviewed literally hundreds of authors, actors, musicians, comedians, filmmakers, chocolatiers, toy inventors, and other interesting individuals. And although most of them probably wouldn't remember me, I think I remember most of them. Clips & Quips has been an incredible learning experience, and I have a feeling that the groundwork and friends we've made through the show will keep playing a role in my life.

So what happens to the blog now? I'm not really sure... I'll be pretty busy this summer, so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post and I'm not sure what I'd post about. Any ideas? Write in and let me know.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The End is Near

A few more days to go before the Clips & Quips blog closes up shop... So in honor of the occasion, here's my top list for my favorite Clips & Quips moments-

• Covering the Sundance Film Festival for the first time in 2006. I saw over a dozen movies, interviewed dozens of filmmakers and actors, crashed a party, got lots of free drinks and snacks, got a free razor for biting into a fuzz-covered kiwi, and got hugged by Steve Carell, (which was then reported on incorrectly by New York Magazine). Click here for a clip of some of the action.

• Going behind the scenes of Family Guy, and hanging out with Mila Kunis for an hour (while doing dramatic readings of her fan mail). Click here for the clip.

• Wearing footsie pajamas to the premiere of Night at the Museum, and getting a lot of attention from Ricky Gervais because of the outfit. Click here for the clip.

• When Judd Apatow wrote into the Clips & Quips blog.

• Teaching Peter Sarsgaard, Sam Mendes, and others to play kazoo. Click here for the clip.

• Interviewing Ira Glass for a whole twenty minutes and then hanging out with him at a Showtime party at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Sharing puns with anyone who will listen.

• Getting stranded on Liberty Island during the doomed-from-the-start premiere of Fantastic Four, (complete with pouring rain, lightening, giant flying bugs, and panicked crowds).

• When after finishing up a fun interview with Sam Rockwell, he genuinely commented "That really made my day. Thanks." Yes, this sort of stuff has happened more than once, but for whatever reason this one is particularly clear in my head.

In non Clips & Quips news, here's an awesome band that does covers of TV theme songs. Maybe they want to do a cover of our song?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Phone Conference Phun

Yesterday I listened in on the FOX phone press conference where they announced the upcoming Fall season. It was sort of exciting to hear from Peter Liguori, (pictured at left), head of Fox, as he went through the lineup. Then journalists could ask questions, (by simply pressing *1, the conference call coordinator explained). It was sort of reminiscent of some of my NYU classes. There were the persistent reporters who kept asking the same questions again and again trying to get the answer they want, (Are you worried that American Idol has hit it's peak? Are you a little concerned about the ratings of American Idol? How do you respond to the drastic drop in American Idol's ratings in Buffalo, NY?), then there were the reporters who tried to make issues out of nothing, (Are you worried that by putting Family Guy one half hour earlier you'll corrupt more children?), and then there were the ones who asked questions that they knew they wouldn't get answers to, (So what are the drastic and surprising changes they've hinted at in the coming season of 24?). Listening to the conversations, it's clear that the heads of the networks are sort of freaked out. Their market shares are shrinking by the day and they're trying anything to get people watching. Luckily, that might also mean better and more interesting programming for us.

In Clips & Quips news, next week we'll be throwing a big C&Q blowout right here on the blog. We'll be hearing from people who've worked on the show as well as fans and maybe even some past interviewees. So make sure to come by and if you want to participate in the festivities and write your own tribute you can send me an email at boaz(at)clipsquips(dot)com. Also, if Ken Marino is out there, maybe he can finally tell us how he broke his rib. Ken- are you there?

P.S. The question about the American Idol ratings drop in Buffalo, NY was a real question.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hillary's sorta funny!

Until recently, Hillary Clinton has always come across as sort of distant to me, but not anymore. Yesterday, she posted this video on youtube, looking for advice:

She really does seem sort sort of likable now. They have a list of 9 possible campaign songs on her website, but they also let you write in a suggestion. I think she should commission the O'Funnigan Brothers to write a campaign song for her. They could even go on the road with her and be the opening act. Haven't you heard of the O'Funnigan Brothers? If not, then click here. And then go to Hillary's website and write them in.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kids say the darndest things... when they have to start a new society

I'm a little obsessed with this new reality show that CBS announced yesterday. It's called Kid Nation, and it's basically a Lord-of-the-Flies-style show in which 40 kids are dropped off in a New Mexico ghost town to fend for themselves. Well, I guess they do get some supplies, but it's up to the kids, (ages 8-15), to cook, clean, and form a functioning society complete with government, businesses, and a justice system. Doesn't it sound exciting? I'm enthralled and terrified at the same time. And you can watch a very melodramatic preview here. My favorite quote from the preview is delivered by a do-rag wearing youngster at a dramatic town meeting: "What I'm really missing is my brother because he's in a wheelchair." And at every meeting someone wins a gold star, and I'm not talking about the "lick and stick" kind. Stay tuned for Kid Nation airing at 8PM Wednesdays on CBS in the Fall.

And then there's Lost. It was a dramatic episode, though it was mostly set-up for next week's season finale. There wasn't a lot of new information, but maybe I missed something. I'll have to check in with Jeff Jensen's recap when he posts it on They kept advertising a two-hour finale next week, but I wonder whether it's really a two hour episode, or whether it's an hour of recap and one hour of new stuff. They've played that trick before...

And look what's on sale at Key Food this week:

Cameos, Cars, and Cavemen

So last night at 8PM, I sat down in front of the TV for the last Gilmore Girls episode ever. I was a fan in the earlier years, and last night was just another reminder of why I stopped watching. Everything happened sort of predictably and there were a few too many moments of forced nostalgia or wistfulness. When they were filming this one they weren't sure whether it would be a series or season finale, but they definitely covered their bases. And they threw in the most random cameo ever when Christiane Amanpour happens to be staying at Lorelai's in, and after a very brief and generic chat with Rory she decides to give her a business card and offer to help her, (even though Christiane prefaces it with, "I usually never do this, but..."). And now it's all over- Lorelai finally got together with Luke and Rory's on the campaign trail with Barack Obama.

Today in Park Slope they're filming Baby Mama, a movie starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. According to imdb:

A single professional woman (Fey) opts to hire a surrogate mother (Poehler) so she can have a baby and keep her career on track.

I didn't spot Tina or Amy, but I did see these trailers:

Maybe they're inside one of them?

It's an exciting week in TV as all the networks are announcing their fall lineups. ABC even put up a site where you can watch previews of all the upcoming shows. I'm surprised, (and slightly embarrassed), to say that the preview of Cavemen, (based on the popular Geico ads), is actually pretty funny. On the ABC website, they call the show a "thought-provoking social commentary on race relations in today's America." You can decide for yourself here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Steve & Peter & Snowy

Word on the street is that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming up to produce and direct three Tin Tin movies based on the classic Belgian comics. Peter's Kiwi friends at WETA Digital, (who did the effects for Lord of The Rings and the Narnia movies), will do the animation for the movie using "performance capture technology," (that's how Andy Sirkis performed King Kong in Jackson's recent remake). It won't look cartoony though- Jackson said they're going for a "photo-realistic" look. Steve and Peter will each direct at least one of the movies, and apparently things should get started as soon as Steve wraps the fourth Indiana Jones movie and Jackson finishes his adaptation of Alice Sebold's Lovely Bones.

I wonder if the new Tin Tin movie will look anything like this:

Or maybe more like this:

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm down with Knocked Up

I went into Knocked Up with very high expectations. I tried not too, but I just love everything these guys do. With Judd Apatow at the helm and Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan on board, how can you go wrong? You can't. Knocked Up rose to the occasion and kept me laughing for two hours. Like 40 Year Old Virgin, Judd mixes the hilarity with a strong story and satisfies on every front. The funny scenes are incredibly dense- every line makes you laugh- and though the story deals with potentially sappy material, the scenes always seemed fresh and genuine. Judd's wife, (Leslie Mann), and kids, (Maude & Iris Apatow), are in the movie too, (playing Paul Rudd's wife and kids), and they're hilarious. Judd really does have the cutest kids. Everyone in the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves, from the frat boys to the old guy from Buffalo seated near me. I really can't recommend it enough, although you'll probably be hearing that from a lot of people... Here's the trailer:

In other news, the series finale of Gilmore Girls airs tonight on The CW. I used to be a fan of the show during the first few seasons, but I stopped watching when the show started sucking, (Rory's later years at Yale). I think I'll give it one more go tonight for old time's sake though. And you can bet I'll be watching Man Vs. Wild after that.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Freaks & Geeks & Canada

I've been watching the DVDs of Freaks & Geeks, (Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's short lived NBC show about the freaks and geeks at a Michigan high school), over the past few weeks. Everyone told me the show was great, but it still took me a few years to get around to watching them. It's amazing- every episode is really like a little movie- it's hilarious and heartfelt and oftentimes eerily reminiscent of my high school experience. I only have one episode of Freaks & Geeks left to watch, but I think I'll save it for another day because I don't want to be done quite yet...

We finally got some Canadian visitors! Check out the map of our past 100 visitors:

We had someone from Vancouver and someone from Toronto, and a few people from Asia to boot.

And stay tuned for my reaction to Knocked Up tomorrow...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Boaz is no more... (cinematically speaking)

So I got word from Judd Apatow that Adam Sandler & Co did indeed change the name from Boaz to Zohan, (see yesterday's post), though he was not told why. And things are definitely moving forward with You Don't Mess With Zohan- Judd adds that the movie, "is in fact happening."

And while on the subject of Judd, I'm getting pumped to see a preview of Knocked Up next week. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I have a feeling I won't be dissapointed...

Also, they launched a new website for Knocked Up. One of the many things you can do on the site is play your own version of Conan's If They Mated, or something like that. You simply upload a picture of each of the parents, (or you can select from a gallery of the cast), and it will show you what the baby would look like. For example, if Katherine Heigl and I had a baby, this is what the precious babe would look like:

Wow. This is sort of creepy. I sort of regret sharing that already. I fused our two last names, (Frankel + Heigl), to get the baby's name- Fragl.

So to switch subjects quickly, here's a weird news article:

Dead fawn, dressed like baby, left outside Tacoma theater

By The Associated Press

TACOMA — The police log entry said it all: "Deceased fawn was dressed up like an infant and abandoned at the Pantages Theater."

Why would anyone dress up a dead newborn deer, lay it in a basket and leave it outside an ornate downtown landmark?

"Your guess is as good as mine," said Tom Sayre, a spokesman of The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County.

The outfit included an infant sleeper and a bib that read, "You think I'm cute? You should see my aunt," Sayre added.

An officer found the fawn Tuesday night, said police spokesman Mark Fulghum.

It was unclear how the animal died but the odor indicated it had been dead for awhile, he said.

A Humane Society vet thought it might have been stillborn.

"It's just bizarre," Fulghum said.

I'm not sure what else to say.

Does Boaz = Zohan?

When I interviewed Allen Covert a few years back for Grandma's Boy, he mentioned that Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel had been working on a screenplay called Boaz. I never heard anything more about it until I stumbled onto this entry on

Boaz The Great
A comedy following the exploits of an agent for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

I couldn't find much more info on the movie, but then I remembered hearing about another movie that Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel were working on. That one's called You Don't Mess with Zohan, and it's synopsis reads:

A Mossad agent fakes his own death so he can move to New York and become a hair stylist.

Sounds eerily familliar, doesn't it? Judd Apatow and Jack Giarraputo are also listed as producers on both films, and they're both supposedly being released by Sony. So did they change the main character's name from Boaz to Zohan? It certainly seems that way, but why? Did they want to avoid any association with me? I think I'll have to check in with Judd Apatow on this one...

Not so Lost anymore...

Lost is getting really intense, and they're really starting to give some answers. The most exciting news from yesterday's episode is that Ben wasn't born on the island, he was born right outside Portland, OR! Take a look at this screen shot from the show:

Keeping track of everything that's happening on the island hasn't been easy, so I always like to refresh my memory and find out all the things I didn't notice by reading Jeff Jensen's recaps on Although, some mornings, (like this one), he seems to take a little too long to post his recap...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Public Radio Idol?

NPR is looking for new hosts, and apparently they're so desperate that they're even asking "normal people" to try out. Or something like that. The Corporation for Public Radio Broadcast decided it was time to find some fresh blood, so they gave grants to two organizations to produce three new radio pilots each. One of those grants is going to Launch, who's going to produce pilots with already established names in the world of entertainment or media or business. PRX got the other grant, and they're taking their quest to the masses. They launched the Public Radio Talent Quest, where, (in American Idol style), anyone can audition with a two minute recorded entry to prove their "hostiness." The ten winners, selected by judges and the voting public, will move on to further rounds and challenges. The three winners will get a few thousand dollars and their own show produced. So last night I finally got around to recording my entry. You can listen to it, (and give it an "excellent" rating), by clicking here. Do you like it? Hate it? Thoughts?

Here's Mo Rocca talking about the project:

In other news, here's a nice piece by Roger Ebert that sort of makes you love him...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Odds and Ends and Kazoos

Still no word from Ken Marino on the rib injury, but maybe today? Or maybe someone else knows?

There was a great article on Kazoobie Kazoos, (the official kazoo sponsor of Clips & Quips), in the Sarasota Florida Herald-Tribune, although they seem to have forgotten to mention Clips & Quips. You can read the article here.

And in Portland news, it seems that Monica Lewinsky has moved to town. Apparently, she's being spotted a lot around town, and a friend of a friend of a friend says she moved into his building. Also, the LA Times followed the NY Times and wrote a Portland story of their own.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ken's Ribs, Widgets, and More

This weekend I realized that we still never got an answer to the question that's been plaguing us for days. What happened to Ken Marino's broken rib? In the interview with Ken and Paul Rudd, (for the movie Diggers), they mentioned the accident and Ken said he'd tell us later. Well, it's later and we still don't know. Ken Marino- are you out there? Does anyone know? Maybe Judd Apatow knows? If anyone knows, please don't hesitate to email boaz(at)clipsquips(dot)com.

Also, in honor of new friend-of-the-blog, Judd Apatow, I put up a Knocked Up countdown on the side of the blog. As I post, Knocked Up will be premiering in 23 days, 15 hours, 44 minutes, and 31 seconds. After the movie comes out, we can start counting down to other exciting things like Boxing Day or my nephews' birthdays or the Portland Rose Festival or the next time Matt Lauer goes to Bhutan. Or maybe you have an idea?

Also, you probably noticed the the new clips displayed on the side of the blog, (I went a little widget-crazy this weekend). Simply click on one of the boxes and a clip will start playing in this very blog. Are you impressed yet?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Who's visiting the blog?

The above map shows where the last 100 visitors to the blog logged on from. 82% of readers are checking us out from the US, though we're having a hard time tapping into the central US except for that lone reader from Denver. Maybe he/she could tell some of his/her friends so we could get a slightly more even spread. Then there's the lone Hawaiian reader who was looking for info on Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And although we've had some in the past, there have been no recent Alaskan visitors. Anyone have friends in Nome or Sitka?

Outside the US, we've had a few Australians logging on, (all searching for more info on Where in the World is Matt Lauer), and a handful from Europe, (Spain, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Turkey, & Denmark). Then, probably the most exciting visitor, recently logged on from Thimpu, Bhutan.

Here's a challenge for next week: Let's try to completely change the vistor spread and get readers from Asia, Africa, Iceland, or Canada. Maybe I should start posting facts about foreign countries everyday to see if it will lure some natives. Well, I might as well start now...

According to wikipedia:

Reykjavík is believed to be the location of the first permanent settlement in Iceland, which Ingólfur Arnarson is said to have established around the year 870. Until the 18th century, there was no urban development in the city location. The city was founded in 1786 as an official trading town and grew steadily over the next decades, as it transformed into a regional and later national center of commerce, population and governmental activities.

Today, Reykjavík is the centre of the Greater Reykjavík Area which, with a population of more than 190,000, is by far the largest metropolitan area of Iceland. As a highly modernised capital of one of the most developed countries in the world, its inhabitants enjoy a first-class welfare system and city infrastructure. Its location, only slighty south of the Arctic Circle, receives only four hours of daylight per day in the depth of winter; during the summer the nights are almost as bright as the days. It has continued to see population growth in past years as well as growth in areas of commerce and industry.

Welcome to all our Icelandic friends...

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Three-quel

So apparently Spiderman 3 sucks. I'm a little surprised by all the mediocre reviews, but thinking back I can't recall any three-quel that was good. Well, except for Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter, but I don't know if those really count. There are a number of other series going for the three-quel this summer, (Shrek, Pirates), so we'll see how that pans out...

On a brighter note, here's something that doesn't suck. In fact, it's just downright appealing for inexplicable reasons.

Meredith, Ann, Al, and I were right!

This morning, Matt Lauer was on the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Finally, I was right for once. All the Today show co-hosts guessed correctly as well. And as I write Matt's probably already on his way back to the US. It was a fun week. I hope they do this again soon, and I hope I can come along next time...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Everyone was wrong...

So we were a little off yesterday with Where in the World is Matt Lauer. The clue talked about "hosting the world," which some viewers and I mistook for some Olympic or America's Cup reference. Turns out Matt was in Dubai this morning. "Hosting the world" was a reference to a series of man-made islands they're building in the shape of the world. Oh well... The United Arab Emirates looked pretty impressive though, and Matt seemed to be enjoying himself on the beach. Natalie Morales got to go skiing in a mall, and then they almost forgot to air a clip when they went to Matt and you could hear a producer yelling "Go to tape! Go to tape!" They've come a long way from Everett, WA, and there's only one day left.

The clue for day 5, (the last day), is:

To the West it is 10 degrees colder
To the East there is warmth in the air
To the North there's a spot at the table
To the South there's a formal affair

Ann Curry thought the "formal affair" might be a refernce to penguins. I'm not really sure what to think... Maybe somewhere in South America?

UPDATE: Okay, after doing some more research I think Matt's going to be in Cape Town, South Africa. The cold and warm refer to the differing temperatures of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. The "table" refers to Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town, and there are even some penguins on Robben Island off the southern coast of South Africa. I hope I'm right this time...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Matt & Bear

Well, I was right- sorta. Matt Lauer was in Asia this morning- in Bhutan to be exact. I wasn't exactly sure where Bhutan was until I pulled out my atlas. So here's a map to orient yourself:

The flight into Bhutan is so tricky due to the surrounding mountains that the pilots had to take a special course in London the day before to learn how to make the descent. They even brought a Bhutanese pilot aboard to advise the pilots on their course. And Matt got Al a yak hair hat! It looked pretty cool, although I wonder if he'll have any trouble getting that through customs. So where in the world is Matt Lauer headed next? Tomorrow's clue: Although we can't top the Himalayas, we will sail to new heights in a place that will soon host the world. The last part makes me think it has something to do with the Olympics, and the next cities hosting the games are Beijing, Vancouver BC, and London. Of those three, Vancouver's the only one on the ocean, so if sailing's involved... Although if he was just in the Pacific Northwest at the Boeing plant, would he really go back? Any thoughts?

Also, Man Vs. Wild was pretty awesome last night. The host, Bear Grylls, jumped right into the Pacific Ocean without a parachute! It was pretty impressive. Now I'm looking forward to a hopefully enlightening episode of Lost tonight.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I love Frank Oz, but...

I really wanted to like this movie. Especially after how dissapointing his remake of The Stepford Wives was, I was hoping Frank would go back to the glory days of The Muppets Take Manhattan. His new film, Death at a Funeral is sort of like a cross between Gosford Park and Austin Powers. It stars a lot of vaguely recognizable British actors and Peter Dinklage, (from The Station Agent, Elf, The Baxter). The film follows Daniel and his family as they attempt to get through his father's funeral. Naturally, hilarity ensues as complication after complication keeps arising. It's all very slapsticky and relies, (suprisingly), on a lot of gross-out humor including favorites such as the "poop joke," filthy-mouthed old people, and running around naked. There were a few too many characters to keep track of, and I didn't particularly care about any of them that much. The audience around me was laughing quite a bit though, so maybe you can blame the bad review on my allergies acting up too much. I would have liked to see less acid trips, (yes, there's more than one), and more Muppets...

Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Today, Matt was in Ireland. This was definitely more exciting than Everett, Washingon, and they even did a piece on fairies and leprechauns. Apparently, when recently building a new highway in Ireland they had to make a little detour to avoid cutting down a "fairy tree." Where will Matt be tomorrow? The clue from the show: As the son also rises, power is money here, with billions on the horizon. Somewhere in Asia? And that "Where in the world" theme song is getting annoying. You can listen to an abridged version here.