Friday, January 19, 2007

Park City Planning

Sundance is almost here, and I'm about to pass out from all this planning. This is what my desk looks like right now- it's pretty messy and it's probably only going to get worse until I'm off to Utah.

We have lots of exciting stuff planned for Sundance this year. Here's what I can still remember in my current state:

• We'll be posting daily segments here from the festival jam-packed with interviews, exciting swag, and up-to-the-minute movie reviews

• I'll be sending photos and updates from my phone throughout the festival, so you'll never have to go more than few hours without hearing from me

• And of course, we'll be premiering the special edition Clips & Quips Furillas! They'll probably never actually be available to the public, (unless you send lots of pleading emails to, but we'll be giving them away to filmmakers and actors in Sundance and trying to trade them for ipods and other expensive swag

So I think it's time for sleep now... Up at 6 tomorrow to continue the planning party!

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