Monday, January 22, 2007

End of Day One

The tallies for the day:

Interviews Conducted:

•Patrick Fugit
•Chris Klein
•Sam Rockwell

Number of Hours Standing Around Waiting for Those Three Interviews:

People Who Cancelled/Called in Sick:

•Zooey Deschanel
•Kate Beckinsale
•Peter Saarsgard

Movies we Saw:
On the Road with Judas - a fun and uniquely put-together narrative that leaves you not knowing what to believe
Resurrecting the Champ - a nice, often feel-good movie starring Sam Jackson as an old homeless man, (you've never seen him like this before), and Josh Hartnett as a sports journalist trying to come to turns with his dad's legacy

Clothing Related Conversations I Had With Actors:

•Chris Klein told me he liked my cable knit sweater
•I told Alan Alda I liked his boots, he thanked me
•I complimented Danny Masterson on his powder blue blazer

That's all for today, but there's always more in store for tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

come to TERMS, mister fancy dancy Tisch school bearded writer guy.

-bossy big sister