Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007 (from Times Square)

Happy 2007! Last night was a memorable one. I'd always wanted to to be in Times Square for New Years, but I never had to the guts to wait for hours and hours in a metal pen out in the cold. As a crew member on NBC's New Years Eve with Carson Daly, I not only got to stand on the other side of the barrier, right in the middle of the square, but I could walk pretty much anywhere I wanted with my badge. Highlights of the evening included:

• Negotiating with a police lieutenant to get them to open up a street to let some vans through. And I'm not being sarcastic and implying they were mean, the police lieutenant was very friendly. Isn't lieutenant a funny word though? Just look at it...

• The countdowns every hour, on the hour, complete with fireworks and different colored confetti.

• Seeing Anderson Cooper. He was walking by in a rush, but I yelled out to him and he shot me a personal wave.

• Carson Daly patting me on the back and wishing me a happy new year.

That's all I can think of right now, but it was a fun day. I was in Times Square from noon to 2:30AM, and then afterwards the whole crew headed over to Roseland for a party hosted by Carson. The first time I was in Roseland was when I snuck backstage at an Alice Cooper show, but that's a story for another post... The party was fun and a former Miss USA was there. I stayed until a little before four, and then headed back to the Q train.

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