Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Mathematical Blast from the Past!

Over this weekend, I got to talking about Mathnet with a few people. Remember, that short detective segment at the end of Square One? It followed George Frankly and Kate Monday, (and later Pat Tuesday), as they solved various police cases using math. Anyway, as we started talking, all these episodes started coming back to me. Like the one with the gorilla, (which guest-starred Yeardley Smith from The Simpsons), the one with the ventroloquist dummy and the counterfeit bills, and the one where someone impersonates George Frankly. I was able to find one almost complete episode on YouTube about the Maltese Pigeon. I was also thrilled to find this clip of the Mathenet detectives singing the song, Without Math. So without further ado*...

I really want to write a new Mathnet movie now.

The story you're about to see is a fib, but it's short.

Anyone interested in helping?

*corrected by bossy big sister


Anonymous said...

Without further ado, not adieu!

-bossy big sister

becca said...

haha i loved that show!

i always thought they were the weirdest adults.