Friday, January 05, 2007

Tight Spaces, Loinclothes, and Lycra: A Backstage Tarzan Adventure

The key word to describe my backstage tour of Tarzan, (the Disney musical on Broadway), last night is... cramped. They have no space back there. One of the main backstage thru-ways is less than two feet wide and is lined with metal posts ideal for head-banging and other injuries. And they've been selling out almost every night- can't they afford an upgrade? Josh Strickland, (former American Idol finalist, now playing Tarzan), led me and Evan, (who really got to show off his gymnast-like abilities as he tried to film in such tight quarters), through dressing rooms, makeup and wig rooms, the orchestra pit, and even under the stage where they keep the huge hydraulic lift that puts set pieces in place. It was a good time, even though I didn't get to try on any loincloths or anything. The clip should be up early next week.

Sundance Update: Our buddies at Ramada have agreed to be the lodging sponsor for Clips & Quips Sundance Spectacular. Okay, that's not what we're actually calling it. What should we call it? Any ideas? Heck, for $3,000 I'd name it after you. Billy's Clips & Quips Sundance Special? Any takers? Either way, it's nice to have everything taken care of since we're leaving in just over two weeks.

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