Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What happened to the Zoobles?

Once I started talking about Square One and Mathnet a few weeks ago, I've had a flood of other childhood television memories, (I promise I didn't even watch that much TV back then- it just stays in my head better than most things). One of my favorite shows back then was Zoobilee Zoo. It featured grown-ups dressed up in bright animal costumes. There was an engineering beaver, a painting lion, an annoying bird, and a few others. They sang a lot of songs and on special occasions they would go into the "tunnel of surprise" where they rode this monorail-like device into this psychedelic tunnel.

Any of this coming back to you yet? The theatrical fox? The lion mayor? The musical kangaroo? Maybe the opening theme will refresh your memory:

And three days till we're off to the Sundance Film Festival, (even though the festival actually starts tomorrow).

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