Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trump-Free Zone

It's really getting annoying having to hear about Donald Trump in the news everyday. Is he really that desperate for ratings or can he just not get along with anybody? Every time anybody says anything questionable about him, he rushes in to personally attack them with mean "name-calling." Slob? Degenerate? Sad figurehead? Who says that stuff publicly about another person? Not an Oregonian, that's for sure. That's just mean. So in honor of that, I'd like to proclaim this blog and Clips & Quips a Trump-Free Zone. But first, I'll share my experience with Trump. I interviewed him at Trump Towers last spring, during the auditions for this latest Apprentice. We had a big crew, (for Clips & Quips standards), and spent an hour setting up our shoot in the Trump Bar. We were supposed to get a fifteen minute interview with him. After coming up forty-five minutes late, Trump finally sat down for the interview. After answering three questions, he said he was done. I got one more brief question in before he jetted off. We got about three minutes of footage...

And now I hereby proclaim this blog and the whole Clips & Quips universe a Trump-Free Zone.

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You're Fired!